Hello, my name is Patrick
“Happy Birthday MOTHerFUckER!”
April 11th 2011
As my soul burns here in these fiery cubical walls.  I wanted to give a MotherfuCKING! SHOUT OUT TO DW- Today is his birthday.  I was on the road to rehabilitation when that dick bag interviewed me
March 27th 2011
The first day of SPRING came and went the other day-
How cold it has been-my skin is thin, almost transparent.  Some of the orderlies thought they could see in through my chest and found my heart-
“Broken HRT”
February 18th 2011
Smashing on the floor- my porcelain heart, broken into perfect parts: PAIN+LUST+REVENGE. A cold liquid of courage poring from the porous tunnels of this still beating slice of hope.
Minutes tick
“The Mystical City of the Apocalypse”
February 10th 2011
The word BABY appears in the title of this lost city which was considered the hanging gardens-WHY?  Perhaps it is where we would rather be.  We all figure that once we are born our
“from the Book of ISAIAH”
February 9th 2011
“And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity;  and I will cause the arrogancy of the     
proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the
February 3rd 2011
Last night I chanted in my sleep. I only know this because this morning at recess Charlie told me that he pounded on my wall and was screaming me to shut UP!
It’s 8am
I am archiving records
“I am a white coat”
February 2nd 2011
I stare down the corridor to a wild eye group of white coats.  I want one. So that, perhaps if nothing else I can manipulate the status quos.  All my friends that were here are now gone.  
January 31st 2011
This is the first time I’ve been on in a yearwell almost a year.  As yu can see in my ast post I was anaughty little solider. Dr. Lee had my review alright. I was in solitary for THREE months to
“inside my head”
March 2nd 2010  
Inside my head something grows
What I do not know
Who might it be?
A friend ready to jump out at any moment to cut another man’s throat? Perhaps her-the one wearing her knee socks today.
Nothing is
February 17th 2010
1987 My sister was playing with her Strawberry Shortcake dollys while I was listening to Casey Kasem’s top 40 Sunday- Using them to run a Brothel- The Smurphs as the JONS and my 12” Joe’s as the
“Space, the final step it takes between you and your victim”
January 18th 2010
Snow falls on my cage
I’m allowed recess but not in the form of a 5th graders dream
But that of a cage animal
A bird
A lion
A tiger
A bear
Oh my-
        My skin actually sticks to the metal nicely- the
“I have pussy in the brain tonight”
January 6th 2010
Jenna how art thee
Sitting on my knee
Your pussy bouncing up and down against the cloth that separates the skin of my knee from your panties.
I can smell your fragrance
Your small breasts
“Away I go!”
January 1st 2010
I tasted my own cum today-
It was saltier than I thought it would be. I was jacking off to Dr. Lee’s daughter sweet 17 year old Jenna. I think I need to drink more water- it was all gummy in
“It’s a Wonderful Life”
December 20th 2009
I’m as clever as the rest of you lemmings riding around in your gas guzzling monster truck baby killing machines-sucking down triple lattés while fucking your husband in his Barry Mellono
“Ki∆ky=unconventional sexual practices”
December 6th 2009
I dreamt last night of a fog that rose just above the Devil’s Strait=A small section of jagged rocks off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.
There I saw a woman, a being known as HERMAPHRODITUS
December 5th, 2009
Stumpy was sitting three rows up from me under an apple tree which covered a set of benches with shade. We were at a puppet show in the courtyard of Doctor Cunty’s playroom. It was your typical “
“Home Sweet Home”
November 21st 2009  
Dr. Lee had me transferred to another facility. Back in February. I was sent to a minimum security asylum outside of Tuscan. Where I was under the care of a Dr. Jane Pickman a cunt of a woman who
February 7th 2009
She is my savior, I love this beast of sin.    
    It as some say has given me the ability to free my own thoughts. I sense I am as much it as it is of me.
Dr. Lee, has prescribed more colorful
“This was never my world”
February 5th 2009
I dig deeper and deeper into my subconscious as if scraping the fading white paint from my concrete cell walls. I hear what Dr. Lee tells me and what the voices say but I cannot stop to think what
“The day the world went away…”
Jan 26th 2009    
Once upon a time I used to write in my bok of lies I called it. Until I got caught and then it was a pack of truths that others wanted to use agaiinst me in the court system. Of course this is a
“Today is a beautifully cold day”
January 31st 2009
I was remarking to one of my pets this morning that it’s such a beautifully cold day. The sun crest through my small window at twenty minutes before the hour of seven this morning. The snow on the
“The House of the Hunted”
February 2nd 2009
Dr. Lee, I know this is supposed to be diary, my blog, my own special blog, mine- but you use it against me. You say my thoughts are bad. So why do you have me do this? Should I lie? I find it
My Life Currently Inside the Necropolis Asylum